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• 5/28/2018

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• 5/13/2014

Summer Time

Ok , so I was thinking about doing this 
If your going to be active during Summer (When School is out :D) Then reply to this board so I can know if you will be active (I know I will)
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• 3/6/2014
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• 2/27/2014


Thomas so far is quite the "Hero" in the heroes team! But two main questions come to mind...
1) Is Bridgette and Thomas being a couple a good thing? Do you like their relationship?
2) Why hasn't Alejandra targeted Thomas yet?
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• 2/17/2014


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• 12/28/2013
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• 12/17/2013

season 6

who do we think will be in season 6
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• 12/15/2013

season 6

what do you think is going to happen on season 6
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